• Please thoroughly go through all relevant information given on the event website and application form prior to submitting your application
  • Use only the application modes suggested on this website to submit your entries.
  • Requests for participation cancellation, and thereby refund, will not be entertained.
  • Shoes is a must for all participants, (please do not wear slippers)
  • Participant without Salvation run T- shirt will not be allowed in the premises
  • Participants wearing previous year Salvation run T shirt will not be allowed in the premises
  • Participants bringing Non registered Friends Family Members will not be allowed in the premises or the route course
  • Any Non registered person found on the course will be asked to leave
  • Any representatives collecting Salvation Run T-shirts on behalf of the participants need to provide an Authorization letter along with copy Photo ID proof
  • No Exchange of T- shirts (Sizes ordered online by the participant will be final)
  • There will be no Spot Registrations
  • Only individual entries for 3K Walk, 5K Run categories shall be accepted.
  • 3K Walk, 5K Run participants must be 08 years and above.Minor between 5-15 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • 5K Relay is only for inter Denominations, each denomination can form a team of five members each running 1Km
  • 5K Relay can be mixed (Men/women) or fully men team or women team
  • applicants participating in the 5k relay will not be allowed to participate in the 3k walk or 5k run
  • Entries fee for categories 3k walk 5k run will be @ INR700/-
  • Entry fee for 5K Team relay will be @ INR 5000/- per team
  • Confirmation of applications received will be subject to Entry Rules Guidelines given herein. Confirmation of 3k walk, 5k run 5k team relay (inter denominational) applications will be subject to the Confirmation Criteria.
  • Post close of registrations, email confirmations will be sent to all the confirmed participants who have given their valid email id in the application form. If you do not receive any intimation from the race office, please email us at
  • On application being successfully submitted, registrants will receive an email and SMS confirming their application with a unique code.
  • Soon after the entries close, participants will receive an email and SMS and other run details.
  • Those wishing to confirm their application status receipt in the interim can send us an email to
  • You are to participate only in the race category for which you had applied and for which your entry has been confirmed. Your entry is not transferable to any other person under any circumstance.
  • The organisers reserve the right to exclude any person from the event, who brings along their family members or friends who have not registered for the run
  • The organisers reserve the right to exclude any person from the event, who brings along their family members or friends wearing t-shirts of salvation run of the previous years
  • No wheeled vehicles are allowed on the course. Anyone bringing wheeled vehicles will be disqualified from the race and asked to leave the course.
  • Participants are not allowed to run with pets, unregistered runners or babies/children who are under aged for the designated category.
  • Participants will not be allowed to enter the event venue with gas balloons.
  • In order to ensure the re-opening of roads by 8.30 a.m. (Or as decided by the event organisers), the organizers will designate cut off times at specified locations. Runners failing to reach these specific locations within times specified must stick to the footpath in order to complete your race.
  • Only those confirmed participants wearing the current SALVATION RUN TSHIRT 2020 will be allowed on the route. Any person found not wearing the t-shirt will be removed by security.
  • Organizers reserve the right to stop any participant from participating who is found medically unfit to continue in the opinion of the medical personnel.
  • No Baggage counters are available for participants. For security reasons, participants are requested to come, as far as possible, without any baggage. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave valuables like mobile phone, camera, jewellery, watch, electronic gadgets, etc. in the run venue. Organizers are not responsible for any loss or baggage and belongings.
  • Participants are requested to cooperate with the volunteers, police and security personnel deputed at the event venues and on route. Participants/supporters are liable to random checking on race day this is for your own security.
  • Photographs of participants taken during the salvation run will be used for the purpose of promoting the event.
  • All participants will get a Finisher's Medal post their run.
  • All participants will get a participation certificate
  • victory ceremony will be held only to top 3 Teams in the 5k inter denominational team relay category. They will also be provided with their winner's medals the SALVATION CUP.

3K Walk

Salvation 3k Walk is our purpose driven mission, for we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time so that we should WALK in them." Ephesians 2:10

Jesus said there is no middle ground, "Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters"" (Matt 12:30)


A Worthy Walk is a walk that is appropriate to our calling, a walk that conforms to our new position in Christ and not our old position in the world, a walk that reflects our blessings through our SALVATION in JESUS CHRIST, a walk that is consistent with the unity of the body of Christ.

"You shall walk in all the way that the Lord your God has commanded you, that you may live, and that it may go well with you, and that you may live long in the land that you shall possess." Deuteronomy 5:33


When we walk with God, we enter the dimension where God unfolds the secrets of his kingdom. These are the paths that the ancients trod before us. Noah knew the secret of walking with God (Genesis 6:9), as did Abraham (Genesis 24:40). Through JESUS CHRIST and his Salvation, we can explore the glorious riches of knowing God like they did and to even a greater degree because of the Spirit which has been given to us.

And I will walk among you and will be your God, and you shall be my people. Leviticus 26:12

God created man for the enjoyment of a walking relationship that involved companionship, dialogue, intimacy, joint decision-making, mutual delight, and shared dominion. God longs to walk with you, which is why his arms of grace have been pulling you into a closer walk with him.

Follow my rules and keep my statutes and walk in them. I am the Lord your God

RUN with GOD

Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, Hebrews 12:1

5k Run

Salvation Run, brings people from all Christian denominations to be as witnesses proclaiming our faith and salvation in Jesus Christ. This run unites all churches leaders for the greater glory of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. Therefore, do not run like someone running aimlessly; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Running of all kinds, whether jogging or running marathons, reminds us of the Christian life. It might hurt, but we have to keep on running. Some days we might feel so discouraged and feel like we have let God down and because of it we might feel like quitting. But the Spirit inside us, will never allow Christians to quit.

for those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

Do not be lazy. Run each day's race with all your might, so that at the end you will receive the victory wreath from God. Keep on running even when you have had a fall. The victory wreath is won by him who does not stay down, but always gets up again, grasps the banner of faith and keeps on running in the assurance that Jesus is Victor.

we must run understanding God's grace. Even days when we don't feel like running, we have to run. Think about the love of Jesus Christ. He kept on moving through humiliation. Jesus kept on moving through the pain. His mind was on God's great love for Him . It is the love of God that will motivate us to keep pushing. Know that when we keep moving something is happening to us. we are doing God's will. we are transforming spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.